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More About Us

Non Toxic Ingredients in Everything we Make!

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From Nature's Garden to You

We are artisans who make farm fresh goats milk olive oil soaps, hand rendered pesticide and antibiotic free grass fed and finished pasture raised tallow soaps and balms, vegan herbal salves, whipped luxurious body butters, botanically infused balms, moisturizers and anti-aging serums.  We go to a farm in Pennsylvania to get farm fresh goat's milk which makes a soap unlike any other.  We also make organic soaps and balms as well, some scented and some unscented, some naturally colored and some without any colors at all, just the natural colors of the oils, with Vegan Friendly options too!
We use no palm, soy, mineral, corn or canola oils, no fake mica colors or other synthetic dyes and never use any added preservatives or phthalates. Our botanicals are our own garden grown and are pesticide free. We love to do demonstrations at events to help educate our customers on the value of truly natural hand made products~ from garden to body goodness!
We make everything ourselves from scratch.
You will fall in love with our 100% natural products!

Our Favorites

Age-Defying Serums for beautiful skin!
100% Organic Grass fed and Finished Tallow Facial Bar
Orange Spice Bar
Natural Lavender Deodorant for Sensitive Skin
Cleansing Grains
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