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Fall in love with our premium skincare product, crafted from the finest organic ingredients. We hand render organic grass-fed tallow add organic olive oil, both known for their nourishing properties. This lovely creation will glide on your skin leaving remarkable softness. We've enhanced it with our own luxurious blend of Frankincense and Bulgarian Lavender essential oils, creating a soothing and rejuvenating experience for your skin. Experience the natural goodness of this unique formula for a radiant and healthy complexion.


Grass fed and finished tallow made from suet, free of pesticides and antibiotics. Organic olive oil, infused with owr own garden grown Calendula. 2oz

Organic Grass Fed Tallow Balm

  • Hand rendered grass fed and finished from a family raised steer.


    Not commercially raised or rendered.

  • Use cosmetic stick and avoid putting fingers into balm, making sure water stays away from balm.  I like to apply my tallow to the back of my hand and using that as a "pallet" use my other hand to smotth this luxurious moisturizer onto my face!  Apply a small amount, as that's all you will need, twice a day!

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