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Healthy Aging

Updated: Feb 11

What is Healthy Aging?

Healthy Living is Healthy Aging! Genetics and lifestyle choices are factors that influence our health as we age. Life style choices are becoming more critical to our health as more companies strive to maximize their products shelf life, increasing the amount of cheap synthetic chemicals in their products. Choosing the most natural products limit our exposure to these synthetic chemicals and create more opportunities to glean the benefits of natural products!

In the world of personal care products, there is a growing natural movement around clean, healthy ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products and the Big Beauty Brand industry is not happy. Linda's Healthy Living attended the NYC cosmetic show last year and learned first hand how mega cosmetic companies disparage and discredit small indie natural skin care companies and how they continue to embrace and push harsh chemicals in their skin care products with slick marketing techniques that fool many at first. A look into their ingredients tells a different story.

A trend is emerging and leans towards a “healthy ageing” approach, prioritizing natural, wholesome ingredients instead of the industrial "beauty" products that are often laden with a plethora of laboratory chemicals. But, do they work, or cause more harm than good? There  is a conscious growing choice to celebrate the beauty of ageing, while the emphasis on a “healthy ageing” approach underscores the positive transformation and self-empowerment that can come with embracing our unique authenticity, promoting a positive approach to natural beauty and encouraging confidence and radiance at every stage of life!  

Why use natural ingredients?

Natural ingredients are often less irritating than synthetic ones, especially for sensitive skin because they are closer to the skin’s natural pH and are less likely to trigger allergic reactions. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and nourishing oils, products without lab chemicals often combat free radicals and promote collagen production, leaving the skin supple and radiant. For a gentle, nourishing journey towards healthy ageing, we embrace natural ingredients that are sustainable and contribute to our own well-being, as well as that of the planet. Herbs and botanicals from our garden are grown pesticide and herbs use free and infused into our oils to go into our skin care products to reap the most benefits of herbal wellness without the harsh weed and pest killing chemicals. We never use ingredients with phthalates either. These are hormone disrupters linked to many forms of cancer, notably breast cancer and is in millions of products with scents. How do you find them on the label? You don't. The FDA has protected this chemical under their proprietary fragrance law, so the FDA says that if your manufacturer didn't tell you there are no phthalates, the only way to avoid them for sure is to buy unscented products. Unless a product is manufactured promising no added phthalates, then you, the consumer can safely assume there are hormone distributing phthalates going into your skin. Linda's Heslthy Living only uses ingredients with no added phthalates.

As a new generation of influencers challeng the old norms, this transformation reflects a broader trend in society celebrating our uniqueness. Gray hair is the new blond to many Gen Xers, for example, skipping the toxic dye and embracing each one's authenticity. 100% natural organic grass fed and finished pasture raised tallow is gaining more interest as people look for healthy alternatives to chemical skin care that are good for your skin. Goat's milk olive oil soaps, and herbal salves without chemical emulsifiers prove to be gentle for all skin types, adding radiance to your skin. We promise to never use palm, soy, mineral, corn or canola oils, fake mica colors or any other laboratory dyes, and we use zero added preservatives or phthalates. You have our promise, from our own garden grown, pesticide free and herbicide herbs and botanicals to our food grade oils, and all of our native ingredients, we will always be 100% natural.


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