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Linda's Healthy Living
Cottage Bakery


We are proudly licensed In NJ as
Cottage Baker 

Baked Goods cannot legally be purchased through this website, but instead can be called in or texted to me at 609-658-3289
as per NJ State law, Cottage Baked Goods they cannot be shipped, but may be picked up at our markets, home & events!
Let us Bake something special for you!

Special Coupon Promotions are not applicable to baked goods.

Tuscan Olive Oil Loaf

In November of 2021, NJ changed the law to legally permit sales of baked goods made in your home, to the public.  Before that new ruling, you could bake at home and donate the baked goods to a charity but not sell them.  In December of that same year, I was one of the first 400 bakers in the state of NJ to sign up for the necessary class, pass my exam, have my water tested and apply to have my recipes included on my license, and to become a NJ  licensed cottage baker.

I learned to bake at a very young age,  from my Mother,  Barbara, a first generation Italian immigrant.  There was always joy around baking!  From a holiday tradition to home made pizza every Friday night, everything was made from scratch in her kitchen.  My mother was suspicious of industrial & prepared foods and avoided preservatives in commercial products even as they were emerging in the 50s and 60s.  Fresh and home made was always best.  My core values come from this belief.  It's who I am and what I do.  Fresh is best in all parts of my life, from foods to personal care products. 

As many of you know, I made my fist skin cream in 1978 and now have expanded this passion to include my artisan personal care line of 100% natural products to my 100% natural baked goods today. You will never find added preservatives, synthetic dyes to make products look fresher, fillers and man made substitutes in Linda's Health Living products.  I dont make cakes from a "box".  I dont use pre-made ingredients at all.   My commitment to you, my customer is that my products will always be made from scratch to be the most wholesome, pure and handmade product you can purchase!

From Classic Favorites to Unique Creations - See Our Menu & Contact us for pricing and pick up options!

Indulge in our Focaccia Bread made with our own garden grown herbs, to sweep you away to Italy with a dessert of our Authentic Italian Biscotti! Try our all butter chocolate chip cookies – a handcrafted cookie made from scratch! Or try our Irish Soda Bread pr sour dough breads for a treat, made fresh to order.  We even make a 100% Natural sandwich loaf, so good for lunch or toasted for breakfast! These breads and other baked goods are the perfect addition to your family's table and will leave everybody wanting more.

Experience the rustic flavors of Italy in every bite of our Fresh Baked Tuscan Loaf with Olive Oil. Each loaf is artfully made by hand in our cottage bakery using only the finest ingredients. This bread is perfect for pairing with pasta dishes, soups, and salads. You won't find a better artisanal bread anywhere else.

Made from Scratch Bread
Sour Dough Loaf
Always made from scratch cookies, cakes and breads
Our Irish Soda Bread is made from a cherished family recipe that has been passed down for generations. Indulge in our handcrafted artisan bread made with the finest ingredients and baked fresh daily. It's perfect for sharing with family and friends over a meal or for savoring as a special treat. Order now and experience the authentic taste of Ireland.
Our Authentic Italian Biscotti is made from a treasured family recipe that has been passed down over generations. Made with the finest ingredients of olive oil, organic anise and fresh eggs, our biscotti is soft and delicious. It is oven baked and twice toasted, giving it a delicate flavor and perfectly soft texture. Try it today, and savor the taste of authentic Italian baking.
Authentic Italian Biscotti
Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
Our All Butter Extra Large Chocolate Chip Cookie is your new go-to sweet fix. Made with real butter (no margarine or crisco here!) and generous portions of chocolate chips, it's the perfect blend of sweet and salty goodness. And with the option of adding salted sea flakes on top, this cookie is simply irresistible.

To Order, Contact Us for convenient pick up in Allentown, NJ!

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To order Call or Text: 609-658-3289

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