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In November of 2021, NJ was the last state to prohibit sales of baked goods made in your home, to the public.  You could bake at home and donate the baked goods to a charity but not sell them.  In December of that same year, after years of lobbying our state government, the law was finally changed.  I was one of the first 400 bakers in the state of NJ to sign up for the necessary class, pass my exam, have my water tested and apply to have my recipes included on my license, and to become aNJ  licensed cottage baker.

I learned to bake at a very young age,  from my Mother,  Barbara, a first generation Italian immigrant.  There was always joy around baking!  From a holiday tradition to home made pizza on a Friday night, everything was made from scratch in her kitchen.  My mother was suspicious of industrial & prepared foods and avoided preservatives in commercial products even as they were emerging in the 50s and 60s.  Fresh and home made was always best.  My core values come from this belief.  It's who I am and what I do.  Fresh is best in so many parts of my life, from foods to personal care products.  This led to my fist skin cream made in 1978 to my artisan farm fresh goat's milk olive oil soaps to my baked goods today. Preservatives, synthetic dyes to make products look fresher, fillers and man made substitutes have no place in Linda's Health Living.  My commitment to you, my customer is that my products will be wholesome, pure and handmade.

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