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Farm Fresh Goat's Milk Olive Oil Soap

Linda's Healthy Living

Wholesome. Pure. Handmade.

Just Like Nature Intended!

From our Skincare Line, we bring you handmade premium products in small batches to ensure freshness, made from food grade oils and natural plant & earth colors, for skin care you will fall in love with!

From our Cottage Bakery we use the same philosophy for food as we do for skincare! pure natural ingredients, free from dyes, preservatives, phthalates & other toxins in commercial bakery items.

100% Organic Facial Bar with our Hand rendered grass fed Tallow!

Thank you for supporting our little artisan family business.  Our amazing customers continue to inspire us! It is very fulfilling to meet you and serve our communities, supporting schools, towns and important causes in our craft show engagements.  We are passionate about creating products, free of harsh chemicals. My husband Brian and I are truly blessed with amazing supportive customers who yearn to learn more and who share our desire for wholesome pure,  handmade products for themselves and their families,  that are good for you and our planet. 

We have travelled all over NJ and now PA, at different craft shows and farmer's markets,  bringing our farm fresh goat's milk & olive oil soaps, tallow salves, whipped body butters and botanical balms to so many eager and enthusiastic shoppers who all want to reduce the amount of harsh chemicals that go into our skin every day. We have spent the better part of the last 5 years helping those who want to find a better way to take care of our skin.

We use locally sourced NJ and US products when ever we can.  With the EU banning over 3000 chemicals in the personal products category and the US banning only 11 ( eleven!) knowing What's IN the products you put on your skin is more important than ever.  Linda's Healthy Living's  mission is to make personal care products, using wholesome, pure ingredients we can all pronounce and understand how they effect our skin.

100% Free of Any Added preservatives, phthalates &
dyes or synthetic micas & 
never any Palm, Mineral, Canola & Soy Oils!

Responsibly Sourced
Artisan Made in Small Batches
Free of Lab Chemicals
Goats Milk & Vegan
Garden Grown Botanical Infusions
100% Plant and Earth Based Colors
Try our 100% Made From Scratch Organic, Grass Fed Tallow or Vegan Friendly Artisan Soaps 


Wholesome. Pure. Handmade.

Our Natural Sustainable Favorites

24 Carrot Gold Artisan soap made with pureed organic carrots and infused with my own garden grown, pesticide free calendula petals for vitamin a and c, to nourish your skin~ a customer and vegan friendly favorite!

Artisan soap made with organic carrots for an amazing facial or body bar!
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Relaxing Bath Salts with Natural Lavender Essential Oil
Mineral Face Mask

      Wholesome. Pure. Handmade.

       Our Natural products
help you 
toxins in your

        self  care routine

     I want to inspire

   people to use soap

     & personal care

         products without       

harmful chemicals

    in them and show how

easy it is to use

   natural products that are


 for your skin

My Earth Essentials 

 Sunset Garden avocado

oil and avocado butter soap makes your skin feel

soft and moisturized. Avocado butter

contains vitamins A,

D & E & nourishing

omega 3 fatty acids. Both contribute amazing conditioning properties with a creamy luxurious lather.

Hand Made and Non-toxic Goat's Milk Soap
Farm Fresh Goat's Milk Olive Oil Handmade Soap with Lavender Essential Oil
Olive Oil Lavender Handmade Soap with Farm Fresh Goats MIlk

Lavender Loofah
made with Farm Fresh Goat's Milk and my own Garden Grown pesticide-free Loofah. This Gentle Exfoliation  promotes our own Collagen 

Try our All Natural Cleansing Grains for glowing skin!

All Natural Gentle Cleansing Grains
Hand rendered grass fed and finished antibiotic and vaxx free Tallow Balm.

For an amazing moisturizer that's gentle on your skin, our Pesticide & Antibiotic free, Grass  Fed & Finished Organic Tallow Balm

Non toxic ingredients

Earth Essentials
Artisan Soap

Natural Heel Balm

Why is it so important to use truly natural products on our skin? Studies have shown it takes only 26 seconds for a product to enter your blood stream once applied to your skin!
Enhance your wellness with Garden to Body goodness!
Never any added preservatives, dyes or phthalates.

Bath Salts and Soap

Make time for yourself this Winter with a self care gift of a wholesome skincare or a farm fresh goats milk olive oil soap regimen for your skin!

Spring shows will soon be on our calendar! Come sample our beautiful aromatic soaps in our trademarked Scent Samplers! Our products are honest, clean and natural and always free of added chemical dyes and fake mica colors, no added preservatives, phthalates, & always palm, canola, corn, soy & mineral oil free!

  Linda's Healthy Living  
2024 Events!

 Shop us for all your nature based Farm Fresh Goat's Milk Olive Oil Artisan Soaps, Infused Herbal Salves, Luscious Whipped Body Butters,  Age Defying Serums, Botanical Balms and
our Artisan Breads and Baked Goods! 

Linda's Healthy Living at Farmer's Market and Festivals

Come sample our amazing aromas in our Trademarked Scent Samplers!

2024 Crafts Shows & Markets

Burlington County Farmer's Market

 June 22, July 6, 

July 20, Aug 3, Sept 14, Nov 23

Yardley Farmer's Market

June 22 & 29, July 13 & 27


 Farmer's Market

June 2 & 22, , July 7 & 28, August 11 & 25

September 1 & 15 & 29

NEW! Bordentown City Farmer's Market

June 23, July 21, August 4, Sept 22, October 20 & 27

Robbinsville Farmer's Market, July 2- Sept 24

Brielle Day Sept 7

Red Bank Street Festival, September 8

Cranberry Festival, Bordentown NJ

October 5 & 6

Allentown Harvest Festival October 12 & 13

Made in Monmouth

 TBD usually around the first Saturday in December

NEW! Collingswood Craft and Fine Art Fair,

August 17 & 18 

We care about honest, healthy ingredients and wholesome products. 

We want to help everyone eliminate toxins and lab chemicals in our daily lives and in the products we use and that's our mission. 

Made with real ingredients you can pronounce, our products are full of the ingredients that are good for your skin, like olive and avocado oil with plant based colors like turmeric and annatto, without any chemicals made in a lab, just safe and naturally derived ingredients.

Hear what our Customers are saying about our
Natural, Wholesome Products!

Garden grown pesticide free herbs and botanicals from our very own garden

"Linda's Healthy Living" products are the finest products I have used.  Her soaps are all natural, they are creamy, lather nicely and smell delicious.  I love the fact that they contain no chemicals and she uses only the best ingredients."
           Linda B. CedarBrook, NJ

My family loves the soaps that Linda handcrafts with quality, natural ingredients.  My son has eczema on his hands and using these soaps has helped so much.  All of the natural healing oils and butters she uses make your skin feel so soft.  The fantastic scents of the soaps make washing your hands like a mini spa session.  She is always coming up with new soaps and wonderful beauty products.  I check her website often to find out what's new.  These products also make great gifts. 
         Iris H., Columbus, NJ

" I’ve really enjoy the soap. It’s hard to put to words, but it feels glorious compared to other soaps. I mean, it doesn’t feel fake or smell fake or feel over manufactured. And of course it isn’t, it’s all hand hewn by you! But I can really feel the simplicity and purity of your products. They feel right on my skin." 
Melissa B
Fredericksberg, VA

Custom Soaps for Special Occasions

"I love Linda's Winter Rescue for my feet! Its the best I have ever used!"
Donna H.
Hamilton, NJ

"A few hours after I put your lotion bar on, my hands still looks hydrated and normal. Regular lotion leaves me looking scaly in minutes. Your products may well be transformational and its pretty too!
Melissa B
Fredericksberg, VA

copyright 2020 Linda's Healthy Living - All Rights Reserved

Image by Sharon McCutcheon
Whipped Body Butter
Image by Julian Hochgesang
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