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About Us

 Inspired to Bake!

Our Baked Goods are made the old fashioned way, from scratch.  We never use mixes, margarine, crisco, baking powder with aluminum and we are dye free!  We never use aluminum bakeware, due to its toxicty when heated.

Fall in love with the taste of our grandmothers' recipes!

Artisan Tuscan Olive Oil Loaves

Our Story

Simply put we LOVE to bake and share the love of hand made baked goods through our NJ Cottage Bakery License!  Inspired by my Mother, who revered the wholesome and natural ingredients and traditional, handed down recipes. 

Let us bake for you!

Some of our Favorites

Artisan Tuscan Olive Oil Bread
Authentic Italian Biscotti

Tuscan Olive Oil Loaf

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Authentic Italian 


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