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Turning Over a New Leaf!

Fall is nearly here and with the new season comes change and seasonal favorites that we often look forward to. Autumn is a gorgeous season where the leaves change to golden colors and the weather cools in the evenings and mornings with a welcome crispness. The changing leaves, the bright chill in the fall air, I just love the season of Autumn! It truly is a peaceful time before winter arrives.

In this time of covid and more return to normalcy, we know that washing our hands and self care is more important than ever. When we wash our hands so often and for the recommended span of time, with chemically based soaps, our hands can feel dry, cracked and red. Rubbing chemically based soaps or salves continually into our skin time and time again, there must be a better way! Using natural soaps not only kills viruses when we wash our hands, but it can feed our skin and replenish it with natural oils and butters. Handmade soaps, salves butters and balms from only pure natural ingredients that you know and can pronounce are good for your skin, with softening and soothing that only natural can bring. Made in small batches to ensure freshness, Linda's Healthy Living products dont sit on warehouse shelves for months. We promise you that this fall, you will fall in love with products with no mineral oil, no parabens, no SLS, no chemical dyes, no phthalates and no chemical preservatives. Treat yourself to goodness and feed your skin with nourishment!

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