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Our Cleansing Grains are gentle for your skin and easy to use! Made with Organic rice flour, powdered goat's milk, yogurt powder, ground rose petals, ground calendula flowers, colloidal oats and powdered aloe vera! My mild cleansing grains provide gentle exfoliation to your skin to promote your skin's collagen!


How to Use Cleansing Grains

1. Sprinkle about a dime's size of the cleansing grains into your palm.

2. Add a bit of either cleanser, oil or water to create a paste. I like to use olive oil but your choice can vary!

2. Massage the mixture in small, circular motions move all over the forehead, t-zone, chin and cheeks.

4. Avoid getting to close to the eye area—this area is delicate and typically does not need exfoliation.

5. Rinse with warm water. Follow with normal skincare routine.

6. After proper exfoliation, it is key to moisturize well as your skin will be ready to absorb nutrients and hydration. The best time to moisturize is when your face is still slightly damp.

7. Use a cleansing grain or physical exfoliant two or three times a week.


Cleansing Grains


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