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UNSCENTED, Creamy, Conditioning and Gentle! Fall in love with this 100% organic bar made with just a few organic ingredients! Olive oil, grass fed tallow, castor oil and Shea butter all are organically sourced.


What are some of the benefits of tallow? It makes soap creamy and lathers well, gives homemade soap additional hardness, is a good skin moisturizer, is gentle to the skin, is a mild cleanser and contains antioxidants and nutrients that are said to have anti-inflammatory properties and enhances skin cell regeneration as a completely natural product! What’s interesting is that tallow resembles our natural sebum so much (the oil produced by the glands in our skin) that in Latin, tallow is translated as sebum. The resemblance means that the ingredient is usually well received by most skin types, doesn’t cause irritation, and can be a godsend for people suffering from dry skin. Around 47% of the fatty acid composition of tallow is oleic acid. This acid is classified as a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid and mostly known as an amazing ingredient for dry or aging skin because it has the ability to easily and deeply penetrate into the skin's surface. Inside the dermis, it works to replenish lost moisture and stop additional transepidermal water loss.


Oleic acid can bring the natural oil production back into balance and prevent future breakouts. Most importantly, it doesn’t clog the pores but it forms a protective layer on the skin’s surface that prevents environmental damage. Finally, it's high in antioxidants, meaning it can fight off free radicals and prevent damage from oxidation on our skin! Fall in love today!

The Vegan Friendly 100% Organic Regimen Bar, Farm Fresh Goats’ Milk Facial Bar

  • Organic Olive Oil, Organic Castor Oil, Organic Shea & Mango Butters, Organic Farm Fresh Goat's Milk, Organic Raw Honey

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