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There comes a time in everyone’s life that stress invades and the search for some relief begins. There are, of course, numerous ways to overcome stress – exercise, healthy food, time with friends, herbal medicine, and much more. A simple way to head that muscle tightening emotion off at the pass is some stress softening herbal bath tea.  Rose petals and lavender are a brilliant combination and fill the air with a lovely floral scent while helping the body to relax in the warm water.  Calendula and chamomile are both known for their soothing properties and can also help soften the skin as the stress melts away in this bath combination.  I add rice for skin softening and green tea and epsom salts for detoxifying all mixed in a muslin bag.  Simply hang the tea bag from the faucet and turn it on. As the tub fills the water will run through the herbs and fill that water with stress busting herbal power. Use the normal bath water temperature as preferred, no reason to make it hotter for a bath tea.

Herbal Bath Tea