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Linda's Healthy Living Sun Tallow is made with 100% pure suet, grass fed and finished, mRNA vaxx, antibiotic and hormone free. Hand rendered not commercially and zero coconut oil. Coconut oil has a high comedogenic rating which can clog your pores. Instead, premium oils like carrot seed oil and raspberry seed oil, each with their own spf qualities and of course zinc oxide, when used in proper amounts can lend its own spf to manually protect your skin. Hand made products are generally not legally approved as a sunscreen, so claims can only be made on the ingredients that go into the formulation. Please reapply often and as needed.


Sun Tallow-Unscented

  • Grass fed and finished Hand rendered pure suet tallow from a family cow, zinc oxide, organic Carrot seed oil, organic raspberry seed oil, dandelion infused olive oil, yarrow infused Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax. Unscented.

    1.5 oz

  • Our products are not approved by the FDA as a product with an spf. The ingredients in this product do provide some protection from the sun as zinc oxide, carrot seed oil, raspberry seed oil and Tallow all have properties that will protect your skin. However, there is not an approved spf for this product.

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